Problems with emails?

Problems with emails?

hands-545394_960_720Problems with emails?

Most of my business life I have been dealing with emails. Sure, emails seem to simplify and to accelerate our daily work. However, these daily mistakes can easily offset all of the savings:

Loss of working time

If employees are using emails as they like and no clear rules are established about the how and when to use emails, this will inevitably lead to a huge loss of working time. Global studies estimate the lost time with several billion hours!

Loss of efficiency

Being online all day long and being available by smart phone will inevitably lead to loss of efficiency during regular working hours.

Mental fatigue

If your action is mainly controlled by incoming emails you will get tired. Constant interruptions by incoming emails increase the risk of burnout.

Mistakes and misunderstandings

Emails are very often misunderstood. As a matter of fact, misunderstandings in emails happen very frequently and are normally avoided in direct conversation.

Emails bypass rules and regulations

Hierarchies have not been set up accidentally. Who is reporting to whom? Emails often ignore all existing rules and use the shortcut. This can create a lot of damage.

Case by case instead of organisation         

Emails often lead to deciding case by case instead of using established processes. This is not only more time consuming but will lead to more mistakes!

Decreasing social competence   

People who are communicating electronically are losing their social competence and their ability to interact with people face to face!

Things take much longer

Projects managed by emails will take longer and require more manpower. Some problems should be solved in a 5 minutes meeting instead of dragging along per email for weeks.

 Emails often lead to a loss of priority

People are losing a feeling for priority. The urgent message in our mail box is treated with a higher priority than the really big issue.

Writing Emails does not mean you are working

We experience a loss of reality. Employees are sending out dozens of emails and think they work. Which is the benefit for the company? How productive are emails? How do emails rank compared with meeting the person in reality?


„Getting this email out of the way“! This is what it is all about. This is why the tendency is to delegate it instead of solving the problem yourself.


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