Looking for a local office in Germany?

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Looking for a local office in Germany?


We help you to kick off your business in Germany

Many companies would like to sell their products or services in Germany. But how to achieve that without investing a huge amount of money which they cannot yet affort.

So which is the best and most secure first step to the German market if you cannot affort to move to Germany? We have many years of experience helping companies by offering them our office in Munich as a virtual office.

Our staff is specialized in international business development. We can establish just a virtual presence with a local email address or if you prefer establish your physical local office address and you will be able to drive your business as if you were located in the country. More services can be booked while you are growing your business. We are offering 3 different packages: BASIC, EXPERT and PREMIUM. For detailed price information please check our PRICELIST.

We are offering our services at a competititive price and we are sure that they are be affordable for you. For more information please contact us by email or give us a call.


Heinrich Hess

Managing Director
HGH Innovation GmbH, Munich

Source of photo: Pixabay

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