Set up your business in Germany

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Set up your business in Germany

Please chose the collaboration plan:

  • BASIC Plan: You have a limited budget and you just need a virtual presence and a virtual office to carefully investigate the possibilities in the German and European markets.  300€/month.
  • EXPERT Plan: You want your own office and a defined level of support for your projects. 500€-900€/month.
  • PREMIUM Plan: You plan to conquer the German / European market with the biggest possible impact. Then we will pave the way for you, get administrative or other obstacles out of the way and introduce you to the best specialists in your industry. Example:  Monthly contract, we provide 100 contacts – from 2000 €/month. Check our price deductions in case of 3, 6, 12 Month contract.

Starting your Sales in Germany

Germany’s economic policy enhances a broad and competitive industrial environment with a strong focus on innovative future technologies. Many small and medium sized enterprises utilize this potential, making them leaders in their respective markets. Across industries German products are worldwide export hits.

According to recent studies, Germany ranks as the top investment location in Europe. Along with its relative economic stability, Germany is the largest domestic market within Europe, creating a large and stable customer base for investors. Germany’s integration into the world economy also allows companies to gain and share knowledge, products and employees within a global network.

Germany is Europe’s Economic Hub

Germany is the largest market in Europe. It constitutes 21 percent of Europe’s GDP (EU-28) and is home to 16 percent of the total European Union (EU) population. The German economy is both highly industrialized and diversified – with equal focus placed on services and production.

Key Driver: The Manufacturing Industry

Almost 10 percent of Europe’s manufacturing companies are German. They generate 30 percent of the EU’s gross value added in manufacturing alone. In fact, they represent more than one fifth of all of Germany’s value added – one of the highest shares in Europe. Increasingly more foreign companies are placing their faith in Germany as an essential location for production sites and are benefiting from the country’s excellent business framework and superior productivity rates.

Many years of experience in international business development

We, HGH Innovation GmbH will support you to start your Business Development in Germany. We have excellent access to economy and politics, a very good network of cooperation partners and many years of experience in international business development in Germany for companies from all over the world.


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