Business Meeting HGH Innovation und Growmatica

Business Meeting HGH Innovation und Growmatica

Warschau 22.11.2019

Heute fand nach fast 2 Jahren erfolgreicher Zusammenarbeit in Warschau das erste Businessmeeting zwischen Growmatica und HGH Innovation GmbH statt. Der Geschäftsführer von Growmatica, Christian Kuhr und der Geschäftsführer von HGH Innovation GmbH hatten ein sehr gutes Treffen und vereinbarten ihre gemeinsamen Ziele und das Budget für das kommende Jahr 2020. Aufgrund der hervorragenden Geschäftsenwicklung gehen Growmatica und HGH von einer Verdoppelung der gemeinsamen Umsatzzahlen im Jahr 2020 aus.

Today Growmatica and HGH Innovation GmbH had their first official businessmeeting in Warsaw after nearly 2 years of successful cooperation.The Managing Director of Growmatica, Christian Kuhr and the MD of HGH Innovation GmbH had an excellent meeting and agreed on their common plans and budgets for the coming year 2020. Because of the excellent business development Growmatica and HGH expect their joint business at least to double in 2020.

GROWmatica is the ultimate full-service international sales expansion agency and consultancy for IT companies to go & grow international. They have an experienced network of sales executives located in 27 countries for your convenience. GROW consults and prepares companies for foreign market entry in a variety of ways and executes sales locally, wether it’s direct or indirect!

HGH Innovation GmbH is a software development agency with more than 15 years of experience. Over the years HGH and their partners have selected some of the best software development companies in the market and provided successful software development to more than 50 customers. HGH is very strong in sales and marketing and helps software development companies to be prepared for the high quality expectations of their customers and to enter successfully the German and European market

H.Hess, Managing Director HGH Innovation GmbH

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