More than 100.000 IT experts missing in Germany

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More than 100.000 IT experts missing in Germany

According to an article in the German Newpaper DIE WELT dated 28.11.2019 there is a lack of more than 100.000 IT experts, especially software developers.

For HGH Innovvation GmbH, one of the leading agencies for outsourcing of software development in Munich this is a daily reality and thanks to HGH Innovation GmbH many companies find reliable software developers and other experts in the IT strongholds of neighboring countries in Eastern Europe like Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic as well as in India. The experts at HGH Innovation GmbH have more than 12 years of experience in testing and recommending outsourcing partners and they pass on their knowledge to companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Why HGH Innovation?

The advantage of HGH Innovation GmbH lies in the fact that, unlike recruitment consultancy, this service is completely free of charge, in most cases there are several candidates to choose from, and trial periods and tests minimize any risk for the customer. According to Heinrich Hess, Managing Director of HGH Innovation GmbH especially companies which had so far been reluctant to outsourcing for good reasons find new ways through HGH Innovation GmbH to intregrate remote teams through agile methods „as if they were sitting next door“. Needless to say that Nearshoring / Outsourcing will reduce your bill for the software development.

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