BeeNear meeting with HGH

BeeNear - HGH meeting

BeeNear meeting with HGH

Since more than 5 years HGH Innovation GmbH in München is the sales representative and key account manager for BeeNear. Last week we had very intensive  meetings with BeeBear in Iasi, Romania. After the meeting we were invited to a splendid Christmas Party on the top floor of a great hotel. BeeNear is showing very dynamic growth. Lots of additional office space is now available for more than 60 new software developers and there are still many more to join. Moving is going to happen next week.

What does this mean for our customers? According to unanimous opinion BeeNear is one of the best software development companies. And BeeNear is all about success and growth! This is an ideal possibility for companies in Germany and all over Europe which are looking for the best possible and very fast moving nearshoring partner. The list of companies using our software services and 16 years of experience is very impressive and there are many more to join in 2020.         We would love to talk to you and we would like to invite IT managers and company executives just to meet us and exchange information to find out if we can be useful for you – of course without any obligation. Let’s get to know each other. We are pleased to come to your office or to invite you to BeeNear in the lovely city of Iasi, Romania.

Please check the BeeNear Website for more information.



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