Japan is facing severe shortage of IT engineers

Japan is facing severe shortage of IT engineers

Japanese firms are solving the problem by adopting English.

According to NHK broadcast Japanese firms are sucessfully changing their strategy in order to cope with a dramatic shortage of IT engineers. They now welcome IT experts from abroad working both onsite and remote on important IT projects. Until now Japanese companies used to require foreign employees to speak fluent Japanese. Now its domestic staff speaks English in order to collaborate with external IT teams. Many Japanese Tech firms are now tackeling this challenge and introduce English as official language. According to company representatives this decision has had a great knock-on effect on their international business. A complete change of mindset in these companies is underway. It is not easy for the employees to change from Japanese to English, therefore the companies are offering additional free english lessons during working hours. Meanwhile the switch from Japanese to English has become the key to success.

Solution for Germany and other European countries

Similar to Japan, Germany is facing the exact same problem. According to Bitkom, the German IT association, German companies are confronted with a shortage of about 137.000 IT experts which is a new record high. The other similarity to Japan is that German IT companies are typically requiring foreign IT specialists to speak German fluently. This „mission impossible“ is resulting in the high shortage of skilled IT experts. Other than in Japan German companies do not seem to take appropriate measures. Although they have to wait on average 7 months to find a local candidate they still continue to engage 3, 4, 5 or more headhunters parallelly – without success. It is no surprise that companies who switch their company language to English are by far more successful than their competitors. Big cooperations like Airbus have have paved the way and switched to English long time ago.

Qualified Oursourcing can be the solution

It is a fact that the current shortage of skilled workers is becoming main obstacle to the digital transformation. Cloud, Analytics & Digital are core of any transformation and finding right skill people in these areas is a nightmare. Software product companies & Enterprise are looking for SaaSifying their solutions, and developing digital & analytical solution leveraging cutting edge technology and programming. While immigration is a probable solution, I feel a right blend of Offshore Delivery Model and Local Business Relationship & Account Management is a solution to immediate problem. We are Pratham Software GmbH and we are present in Munich with global offices in 5 countries and a state of art delivery center in India.

For more information please contact: Heinrich Hess, Director Business Development Pratham Software GmbH, email: heinrich.hess@thepsi.com (Tel: +49 1717674744)

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