HGH – External Software Development (E)

HGH – External Software Development (E)

You are looking for the best software partner for your company?

HGH Innovation GmbH is ready to support you with your outsourcing / nearshoring project

Since many years we, HGH Innovation GmbH in Munich, are helping companies to find the best software partner for their software project. Over the last 15 years software companies recommended by us have proven to be the best choice as reliable partners for outsourcing software development.

Essential for being recommended by HGH are: the technical excellence of our senior software developers, first class references of happy customers, agile methodology, highest degree of quality assurance, security and strictest confidentiality as well as tranparency of each project step.

During the course of the past years we only kept the best partners so that we can recommend our today’s partners unconditionally and without exception because our customers are very satisfied with their work!  This is why you can rely on our experience and you can be sure to find exactly the right partner for your needs. Even if you need an external software developer immediately we can help in most cases. We from HGH Innovation GmbH always act as your local key account manager during the whole time of the project.

What can you expect from HGH Innovation GmbH?

– All our developers are from Europe or belong to the european cultural circle (Nearshoring) and work in the same or neighbouring timezone.

– Our hourly fees can help to save you a lot of money with savings of up to 50%.

– Our customers are saving cost for headhunting and personnel administration.

– All our software developers are experts in their field and can start working efficiently from day one.

– We are using your collaboration tools.

– High scalability in case of fluctuation or increased demand.

– You only pay by the hour. No charge in case of illness or any other reason for absense.

– You always settle the invoices directly with your partner. You never pay anything for our consulting.

– At any time our developers can work at your premises for a couple of weeks.

You need an external software developer immediately?

Even in case of emmergency, like if you need a software developer immediately to fulfill your contract with your customer or if a developer has suddenly left your company we can help.

Our Software Technologies

  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Front-End Technologies
  • Javascript Technologies
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Wearables
  • Embedded Software
  • Internet of Things
  • AI
  • Helpdesk Service – Technical Support
  • development of new applications
  • development of new functionalities for the existing applications focusing on their integration
  • development of interfaces for software-to-software interaction and for the interaction between applications and peripheral devices
  • re-engineering of the existing solutions for better operation and to use the best of the latest technologies and a lot more…

Further technologies are available on demand! Please ask for detailed presenations and client portfolio of our partners.

Your next step for a successful external software development

Software, external software development and nearshoring is our passion. Please contact us to receive a tailor-made offer for your IT nearshoring project. We from HGH Innovation GmbH will be pleased to support you and make your project a success. Please send us an e-mail or give us a call and let us know what we can do for you. We will check your requirements and get back to you shortly to discuss all technical and commercial details in a telephone conference together with the partner recommended by us. After that we will present you the CV(s) of the developer or the team we recommend and you can interview each of them and make your decision. A personal meeting during a kick-off can be organised according to your wish in your premises or at the location of your new partner.

For more information please send us an email, call +498920087191 now for more information or send us a short inquiry.

We are pleased to answer all your questions and to share our experience with you how to be successful with an experienced and reliable local nearshoring partner at your side. Of course there is no cost involved for our consulting service, interviews and introductions!