Innovation Management (E)


Innovation Management (E)

Why is Innovation Management the key to success?

Since more than 16 years we support companies with innovation management, business development as well as sales and marketing services with measurable success! Crucial for successful innovation management is the careful implementation of the innovation process at the very beginning.  More than 90% of innovations fail in the consumer market, in case of innovation of technical products 45% fail.

How can we define „Innovation“?

  • „Research makes knowledge from money, innovation makes money from knowledge“ (HGH Innovation GmbH)
  • „You recognize a really great idea when it’s realization seemed completely impossible from the beginning.“ (Albert Einstein)
  • „Our task is to give the customer something, which he wants to have but he did not know that he was looking for it until he got it and when he finally got it he says that he always wanted it.“ (BMW Innovationsmanagment)

Innovations without Innovation Management will fail:

According to our experience after 16 years of innovation management we found these main reasons why innovations fail: „Too many parallel activities with unclear targets, conflict of interest among the participants, concentration on short-term results, weak project-management,  bad integration of all team-members and last not least the missing support from management.“

Heinrich Hess – Managing Director HGH Innovation GmbH, München


Of course we from HGH Innovation are keeping ourselves up-to-date with certifications and continuous further education.


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