Our special offer for outsourcing your software development

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Our special offer for outsourcing your software development

Is Outsourcing Software Development suitable for us? In order to find out, please answer the following 9 questions with „yes“ or „no“

  1. Do you have difficulties in finding top software developers at reasonable conditions?
  2. Did you ever encounter problems to meet your customer’s deadline with a software project?
  3. Would you like to have more flexibility with your planning by adding a remote team of software developers in case of demand?
  4. Do you sometimes hesitate to employ more software developers because you are not sure that the additional demand could only be temporary?
  5. Would you like to reduce the cost of your software development by 50% and more?
  6. Do you sometimes need additional specific programming know-how or more experience in some areas of software development?
  7. Would you like to free your inhouse staff from routine work  in order to concentrate on more profitable and strategic tasks?
  8. Would you like to become more international by linking your activities to an external team and some of the best brains on the market?
  9. Can you imagine that we help you to integrate our external Software Development Team seamlessly into your organisation by agile methodology?

If you answered one or more questions with „yes“ it is worth having a closer look at the opportunities of outsourcing a part of your software development.


10 advantages using HGH Innovation and their partners:

  1. No risk because of a free-of-charge test period
  2. Professionel consulting in a very detailed analyse of your requirement
  3. Top software developer, mainly with university degree
  4. Agile methodology
  5. All our partners are all located in countries of the European Union.
  6. Your nearshoring partner has got the same working hours as our customers
  7. Very competitive prices, check our pricelist
  8. First class references
  9. Reliable local key account management by HGH Innovation GmbH
  10. All our prices are all net prices. We are not a personnel consultancy so we are not charging you anything

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