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Softwarelösungen für die digitale Umstellung im Bildungswesen

Kostenlose Salesforce Abonnements

Wenn Sie Softwareprojekte im öffentlichen Bildungswesen planen, sollten Sie nichts dem Zufall überlassen und auf bewährte Lösungen zurückgreifen! Zu den ganz großen Anbietern gehört seit vielen Jahren Salesforce. Wichtig bei der Auswahl ist natürlich auch der Kostenaspekt. Hier haben wir eine gute Nachricht für Sie:

Als gemeinnützige Bildungseinrichtung sind Sie dazu berechtigt, 10 kostenlose Abonnements von Salesforce mit der Education Data Architecture (EDA) sowie große Rabatte für zusätzliche Abonnements, Produkte und Services zu erhalten. Am Anfang Ihres gemeinsamen Weges mit Salesforce steht die EDA. Dabei handelt es sich um eine CRM-Lösung für Ihre Bildungseinrichtung, die ein umfassendes Relationship Management für Studierende und Beitragende ermöglicht. Um auf Ihre kostenlosen Abonnements zuzugreifen, starten Sie bitte eine kostenlose Testversion und übermitteln anschließend über das SalesForce Portal Ihre Bewerbung.

Wer implementiert uns die Anwendung für einen guten Preis?

Wir von HGH Innovation GmbH lassen Sie bei der Durchführung Ihres Projektes natürlich nicht alleine. Mit dem kostenlosen Erwerb der Lizenzen ist es ja nicht getan, sondern Sie benötigen ein erfahrenes und zuverlässiges Team, das die Anwendungen implementiert. Für Non-Profit Projekte ist die Auswahl nicht sehr groß, da hierbei kein Geld mit den Lizenzen verdient werden kann. Wir empfehlen unseren Partner THINK BEYOND mit Sitz in Polen als eine hervorragende Wahl, wenn es darum geht, Ihr digitales Bildungsprojekt erfolgreich umzusetzen.

Welche Organisationen kommen für die Teilnahme in Betracht?

Organisationen, deren Hauptzweck eines der folgenden Kriterien erfüllt:

  • Religiös, wohltätig, wissenschaftlich, literarisch oder bildungsorientiert
  • Gemeinnützig oder auf soziale Fürsorge ausgerichtet
  • Kunst, Kultur und/oder Traditionspflege
  • Humanitär/Philanthropisch
  • Gemeinnützige Organisation im Bereich des Sports
  • Sozialer Dienstleister, z. B. aus den Bereichen Altenpflege, Hospiz, Behandlung psychischer Erkrankungen, gemeindenahe Gesundheitsdienstleistungen, Behandlung von Drogen-/Arzneimittelmissbrauch, Blut- und Organtransplantationsbanken, Entwicklungsdienste, Behindertendienste, Reproduktionsmedizinische Dienste

Hierzu gehören per Definition   Einrichtungen des höheren Bildungswesens wie private gemeinnützige und öffentliche Einrichtungen des höheren Bildungswesens

Grund- und Sekundarschulen: Öffentliche/Staatliche Gymnasien, Gesamtschulen, Realschulen, Grund- und Hauptschulen, (gemeinnützige) Privatschulen sowie Schulverwaltungsorganisationen und private (gemeinnützige) Schulnetzwerke.

Die Covid-19 Pandemie erfordert schnelle Lösungen für das E-Learning

In Zeiten von Ausgangsbeschränkungen wegen der Covid-19 Pandemie ist das Thema Digitaler Unterricht so aktuell wie noch nie zuvor. Sprechen Sie uns an, wir helfen Ihnen wo wir können. Rufen Sie uns an unter Tel: +49 171-7674744 oder schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail: info@hgh-innovation.com

Herzliche Grüße und bleiben Sie gesund!

Heinrich Hess

Geschäftsführer HGH Innovation GmbH, München


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Together against the virus – Free smartphone app

Without any doubt our partner INSPEERITY is one of the most innovative software development companies. In times of the coronavirus crisis, innovations are essential for the survival of all of us. Instead of waiting for the right moment, INSPEERITY offers a ready-made solution now. We would like to present it to European and national health authorities. We are also looking for contact to larger software houses as well as IT departments of large companies to advance these and other projects with our know-how. Contact: mailto:info@hgh-innovation.com

Release of the TOGETHER smartphone app to trace contacts and help to fight the coronavirus epidemic

Being so many weeks already in the lockdown, we started to think at Inspeerity how to make the most of our skills and knowledge to contribute to the struggle against the coronavirus epidemic.

After many brainstorming sessions our team came up with TOGETHER ‑ a mobile application created to help you protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. The app is totally free and can be used without registration. It works using anonymous location data which can be used to warn a user if they have had contact with another user in the last 14 days who has become a confirmed case of COVID-19. The app likewise allows a user who is confirmed with COVID-19 to warn other members of the TOGETHER app community if she chooses to do so.

An important feature of the app is that it provides a user very simple way to check her whereabouts throughout the previous 14 days. If the user is diagnosed with covid-19 then she can take appropriate action such as notifying public places where she may have had contact with others.

The prototype of the app is now available for download on its dedicated website (https://together.inspeerity.com) and is also pending publication on Google Play Store.

Widespread use of the app could play a significant role in the struggle against the spread of the coronavirus so that we can slowly return to everyday life after the phase of strict lockdown. The TOGETHER app can facilitate the important task of creating a community where each member takes care her own health and that of the whole community.

We hope to team up with other organisations and independent programmers to improve the app and to add new features in the future.


How it works.

  • You install our app on your smartphone. You don’t need to register or give any personal data. You can then start straightaway. Your phone will be allocated a random number which is used as your key to the system. That key cannot be linked to a particular phone or person.
  • Your current status is shown on the main screen of the application:
  • Green – you haven’t been in contact with another user who has been diagnosed with covid-19 à you’re not at risk. Remember to keep social distance and continue to practice other safety precautions.
  • Amber – you’ve signalled that you are suffering with covid-19 and it’s being verified. You’re probably already in self isolation.
  • Red – the app has identified a potential risk: you had contact with a person suffering from covid-19. Please check your location history and assess your own infection risk. As a precaution you should self-isolate and consult a doctor as necessary.
  • Using push notifications, the app can inform you immediately if your status changes. You don’t need to check it yourself.

How does the app know that I had contact with an infected person?

  • In order to work properly the app needs your GPS function to be switched on constantly. Using the GPS the app finds your location every minute and records it on a map. (You can turn the location tracking on or off at any time.) In that way the app can create a track of your location throughout a given day.
  • Your location is stored on your phone and, in an encrypted form, in the „cloud”. This allows future versions of the app to migrate the data to your new phone if you wish. Your GPS location data is not shared with any other users and is not accessible to any third party.
  • If you are confirmed to be suffering from covid-19 then you can register that in the app. In that way you can warn other app users with whom you were in contact in the last 14 days. The app’s server compares your location trace with those of other users. If it discovers a meeting with an afflicted person (based on the length and frequency of that meeting according to WHO standards) then it sends a warning to the affected users and their status changes to red.
  • In addition, because the app records your movements from the previous two weeks on your phone, you have an exact record of your whereabouts should you have a positive covid-19 test. You can see a map of where you have been on your phone. This is very useful as we start to introduce the app and the number of users is limited. In that way we can reach your contacts who don’t have the app yet and places you have visited where many people congregate – like shops, churches and offices.
  • If you receive a warning that you may have had contact with an infected person then you can check your location track on the map where you can see the times and places where you might have had such contact. In that way you can assess yourself your own level of risk. If you don’t have contact with an infected person in the next 14 days and no symptoms develop (which you would register using the app) then your app status will automatically return to green.

This and more up-to-date information can be found on TOGETHER website.

Let’s create a community of people who look after their own health and that of others!

Looking forward to your opinion!


Together website: https://together.inspeerity.com

Together download page: https://together.inspeerity.com/download

Together Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/together.inspeerity


Your local contact in Germany is: Heinrich Hess, CEO HGH -Innovation GmbH, München

Please call us  Tel: +491717674744 or write us an email: info@hgh-innovation.com


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