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E-Commerce solutions

E-commerce more important than ever

But without the necessary experience you might pay twice in the end.  The following approach is from our partner 7DEVS.co in Ukraine. It has proven to work particularly well, seamless and future-proof:

We use Node.js as a primary language because it is supported by AWS. It is the most used programming language across all platforms. It is the fastest growing community over the last 10 years. At the same time, the vast majority of ruby backend packages (gems) are not supported.

We use AWS solutions because this guarantees high performance at minimal cost. It eliminates the need to hire system administrators (DevOps) to maintain the environment.

Using React as the Front-End framework allows building app-like websites (smooth, seamless transition between pages. There is no page reloading when browsing different solution sections). React.js + Node.js is a strategically beneficial combination. It is fundamentally the same programming language (Javascript), as a result there will be no need to support different languages and hire many diverse skilled engineers. Teammates will be knowledgeable in the same language, but in different frameworks. Therefore their approach will be clear to each other as they will be following the same principles and rules of the language.

We use Shopify instead of WordPress as it is a SaaS solution vs. ‚Box Solution‘, which requires installation on a bare metal server. That means that consumers will get the most recent updates. No complex updating process (=no additional development after time) will be necessary. Also, it uses React and has a set of libraries to simplify the development process.

If you are planning an E-commerce project please contact us. (E-Mail: info@hgh-innovation.com Tel.: +49 89 20087181. We will be pleased to discuss details and develop the best solution for you.

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