The right salesforce implementation partner:

The right salesforce implementation partner:

We are pleased to share tips and tricks from the experts of our partner Pratham Software GmbH. Among others PSI has a team of very experienced Salesforce Consultants.
It is crucial for your business to choose the right salesforce implementation partner as much as deciding to implement salesforce development in the first place. Therefore, salesforce implementation implies a significant increase in various business metrics like customer satisfaction and employee productivity.
However, it is equally important to understand that every business is different and requires a different approach to implementing salesforce. Because picking the right salesforce implementation partner is not as easy as randomly picking a chit out of the bowl. That partner needs to understand the company’s needs and deliver the tasks on time and by professionals. Which are the 6 most important criterias to chose the right salesforce implementation partner?

1. TRACK RECORD of Salesforce implementation partner

Because it is essential to look at the implementation partner’s track record with similar companies and tasks, ask them to tell you about similar projects and case studies they have done and how successful they have been. If they can be provided, customer references can prove to be a huge asset when it comes to your arsenal of decision-making.

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2. INDUSTRY EXPERTISE of Salesforce implementation partner

Looking at employees’ technical skills such as certifications and previous projects, it is equally important to pay attention to the firm’s expertise in these services. There is a relationship of direct dependence regarding the quality of the service and the number of similar deployments the firm has undertaken. This metric is indispensable while making one’s decision.


Asking the provider about how they can train admins/users to Salesforce to efficiently operate Salesforce-based software and enhance their productivity. These dynamic solutions are as good as their user, which is why this step becomes essential.


One of the key components of deploying Salesforce in your companies is the capability of the service provider to migrate your data. The importance of data can not be overstated, and therefore a seamless data migration is non-negotiable. Minimizing downtime and data loss is imperative to this process.


One priority for someone looking for a Salesforce implementation partner needs to be the customization flexibility that the partner will provide. It is essential for there to be customized Salesforce solutions for your business that must be deployed after profoundly understanding the complexity of your business and being given an option to configure and customize even the default features of Salesforce with more straightforward tools.


Last but not the least, the budget, because it is important to define your budget and discuss it transparently with your partner. This ensures the prevention of any future monetary complications and pushes your partner to optimize their resources within the budget. Implementation costs are decided primarily by the project scope and complexity, so be sure to align your budget with your vision.

Why Pratham Software Is Your Ideal Salesforce Implementation Partner ?

Pratham Software has several years of experience in the field of Salesforce implementation. Our top-notch developers are skilled in finishing the best in-store Salesforce implementation service for any business application, from manufacturing and finance to healthcare and hospitality. We focus on the tasks related to configuration, customization, integration, and support with our services.

You can come in with exact requirements, and we from HGH Innovation GmbH an our partner Pratham Software will keep the promise of transforming and elevating your business via the automation of the most complex business processes.

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