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Outsourcing through HGH

Nearshoring as a long-term success strategy

Be more successful with the right nearshoring partner

In cooperation with our long-term partners we from HGH Innovation GmbH are offering individual solutions for medium sized enterprises, especially software companies. In this context nearshoring of software development has been extremely successful for all our clients.

„In close cooperation with our customers we arrange software development teams with the required profiles. Then the team will work remotely but perfectly integrated into the customer’s processes and teams. Typically our teams work for 5 years and longer as a perfect complement to the customer’s inhouse team.“

Through our longterm strategy and the excellence of our software developers we have been able to build an excellent and trustful relationship with our customers. Because of the good experience with us many of our customers are increasing the size of their „remote dedicated team“ with our partners over months and years. As an example there are customers who had started with just one or two developers and who are working today with 20, 40 or 60 of our best people.
Because of this experience our partners are the ideal choice for software companies who grow fast and who need a strong and experienced partner to react fast to the increasing demand of experienced software developers.

In this way our nearshoring service is helping our customers with their digital innovation, it is opening the access to the best software developers in the market, it is securing competitiveness as well as the access to the newest technologies. As a consequence of nearshoring the satisfaction of our customers‘ inhouse teams is increasing. I am pleased to answer any further questions and additionally we are offering a free-of-charge one hour web conference to consult you with the best solution.

Heinrich Hess, Managing Director HGH Innovation GmbH

Dedicated key account manager of our customers

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