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The most important qualities of a successful sales person?


Which are the most important qualities of successful sales people? What do you think about the following list?

A successful sales person has to be:

  • Prompt
  • Working hard
  • Ethical
  • Listening all the time
  • Asking the right questions
  • Sincere
  • Full of empathy
  • Positive
  • Well Organized
  • Attentive to detail
  • Thoroughly prepared
  • Good humored
  • Informed about his products
  • Informed about his industry
  • Informed about his competitors
  • Thick skinned, resilient
  • Aggressive
  • Flexible
  • Skilled in writing
  • Skilled in marketing
  • Skilled in math

How about genuine ? And I would put Listening to the top of the list as this will create a good basis with the client. What is you opinion? What would you add?

If you have any questions of suggestions, please contact us any time!

Heinrich Hess

Managing Director HGH Innovation GmbH

Photo: Pixabay.com

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