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HGH Innovation GmbH and Origami Engineering

HGH Innovation GmbH now teaming up with Origami Engineering PLC. All our joint services are available to our customers and business partners.

HGH Innovation GmbH and Origami Engineering PLC have agreed a long-term collaboration for the coming years.

HGH Innovation GmbH is very proud to be a partner of Origami Engineering Ltd since February 2023. We are looking forward to contribute to Origami’s success with our business development expertise. From now on all our joint services will be available to our customers and business partners. Services of HGH Innovation and Origami Engineering include business development, outsourcing of IT services, sales and marketing, internationalization, manufacturing performance, procurement and supply chain management as well as training and coaching.

HGH Innovation GmbH teaming up with Origami Engineering PLC.
The graphic symbolizes a folded bird which is the logo of Origami.
Origami Engineering PLC

Why Origami Engineering?

Why Origami? Origami contains the idea of simplicity joint to the possibility of big outcomes. When your idea, or your product, or your company, need to launch and grow wisely, to expand vastly and to be steadily organized, you need Origami. Business Development is our core business, is the essence of all our work.

Our consultancy service works in partnership with agents worldwide to wisely grow businesses through the formulation of organisational and institutional strategy, foreign direct investment and trade development initiatives.

Origami Engineering is a Company of long experience, which has been developed over time into a number of values that guide the way the Company is conducted and how partners, executives, and consulting partners conduct themselves.

At its core, Origami Engineering is a Company with a fundamental value of respect for opponents, competitors, teammates and officials.

Origami Engineering remains in time a Company where work is made for enjoyment. Because of this, the core values that we aspire to are both firm and inclusive of all our activities. You will find these values embedded in our Code of Conduct.

We are looking forward to serve you with even more enthusiasm from now on with a fantastic team of professionals.