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All engineers you need!

Riskfree outsourcing strategy with local support

We are glad and proud that our clients were able to complete their projects with the help of our Pratham Software GmbH services. The strategy of partially outsourcing their software development worked perfectly because we could constantly provide the software engineers they needed. Getting constantly all engineers you need is a great competitive advantage. With our riskfree outsourcing strategy and our local support companies are can finish their projects faster, cheaper and at the highest quality level.

Why are companies afraid of outsourcing software development?

With so many happy customers we often wonder why clients are afraid of outsourcing software development. The biggest obstacle still seems to be the English language for daily communication with the external developers. It is hard to believe, but a large percentage of medium-sized companies in Germany are unwilling or unable to communicate with external development teams in English. In reality it is not difficult to switch the communication to english and everybody will benefit from the new international environment because English is not only the global business language but also the programming language. We like to share our 20 years of experience and give you 5 tips for the best IT Strategie.

Onsite versus remote

The second reason is even more worrying. Many companies still insist that their employees work on-site and not remotely. This is very unusual for IT companies compared to global standards. Even before Covid-19, many companies had allowed more flexible working hours. The pandemic has greatly increased this trend. Even though our teams work remotely we have various face-to-face meetings with our customers.

Things are changing – outsourcing is the new trend

Recently, there is an increasing trend towards more outsourcing. The main drivers are:

1. An extreme shortage of skilled workers (there is a shortage of 134,000 IT experts according to Bitkom)!

2. Even recruitment agencies are unable to fill the gap

3. On average it takes more than 6 months to find a suitable candidate while we have all the engineers you need.

4. The few available local experts demand too high wages and do not offer equivalent performance.

5. The combination of outsourcing with local support and very fast supply of excellent software engineers at competitive price seems to be the favourite solution for many companies.

Highly trained and experienced developers now!

Why not give it a try right now? Highly trained and experienced software developers are available for your projects now. As an example we can immediately present you candidates with the following tech stacks:

Java, Microsoft, Python, Testing, Web Technologies (React, Angular, JS, Node.js).

Contact us now:

For more information please feel free to contact us anytime. We are pleased to discuss and analyse your project in detail and we are confident to find the best solution for your company.

Heinrich Hess, Director Business Development Pratham Software GmbH, München

Tel: +49 171 7674744 Email: hhess@hgh-innovation.com

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